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KRSC is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend exclusively for its members in good standing and their guests. The following rules have been developed to assure safe and sanitary operation of the facility. All persons using the pool facilities, or entering the pool property do so at their own risk. Members are responsible for ensuring that all persons included on their membership and their guests observe and obey the rules and regulations.

The lifeguards, the manager on duty, and the Board of Directors have the authority to enforce these rules for the health, safety, and comfort of all using the swim club. Anyone not abiding by these rules may be asked to leave the facility, and may also be subject to suspension or termination of facility privileges.


  • a. The names and addresses of each member will be kept in the guard office. For entrance to the pool, members must present their photo identification cards. The cards will be kept at the front desk and returned to the members when they leave the pool premises.
  • b. Guests of members will sign in to the guest book and pay the required fee. Guests may only come to the pool with a member in good standing, and must leave the pool when the sponsoring member leaves.
  • c. The pool management staff will check each person entering the pool and will deny entrance to those who are not members or guests accompanying member.
  • d. Babysitters, 16 years of age or older, may be admitted in lieu of parents who are pool members without guest fees. Babysitters accompanying parents will be charged a guest fee.
  • e. With prior approval, health aides or therapists who provide necessary services or additional safety to a member are not charged a guest fee.
  • f. Reciprocity information and privileges between KRSC and other neighborhood pools will be posted at the guard house. Members must bring a signed form from KRSC to the pool they wish to attend. Applicable guest fees at the hosting pool will apply.
  • g. Swim club members and bona fide guests are permitted on Club property only when the pool is officially open and the lifeguards are on duty. Management personnel are permitted on Club property as required to perform maintenance, and to conduct other pool business. Trespassers will be prosecuted.


  • a. As specified in the by-laws, guests of members will be admitted to the pool. All guests, whether swimming or not, must pay the fee. Guest fees are $5 per person, per visit.
  • b. Members may purchase guest passes in advance at the guard house, or pay guest fees at the time of admission. Guest pass cards are $25 and allow for 6 guest visits. Guest passes are member specific and become invalid once membership privileges cease. They cannot be given away or sold to current members.
  • c. Under no circumstances may lifeguards who are on-duty bring guests to the pool. Lifeguards who are not KRSC members may only be on premises during assigned work shifts, unless they are a guest of a member.
  • d. Members will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests and will be responsible for any damage to Club property. The cost to repair any damage or vandalism caused by a guest to Club property will be charged to the sponsoring member.


a. Children who cannot swim independently must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or responsible person (16 years or older.) Non-swimmers and novice swimmers require constant attention and must not be left unattended. The supervising parent or guardian must remain within arms-reach of non-swimmers at all times.

b. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person 13 years of age or older. Children who are 10 years or older and have passed the swim test (see below) may enter the pool without parent/guardian supervision. Children who have passed the swim test will be required to wear an identifying wrist band.

c. Swimmers must pass a swim test administered by the pool staff to use the diving board, slide, or diving well. The test consists of the following: Swim one length of the pool (25 meters) and tread water for 60 seconds. The tests must be administered within 5 minutes of each other but not necessarily as a continuous act.

d. No other swimmers of any age are permitted in the main pool or wading pool during the Water Wizards morning practice hours or swim lesson sessions. Younger siblings not practicing with the team or taking a lesson must be supervised at all times.

e. Children 12 and under must leave the pool at 6 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult.

f. All children not toilet trained or in diapers must wear tight-fitting plastic/rubber pants over a diaper. WEARING ONLY DISPOSABLE SWIM DIAPERS IS PROHIBITED. (Failure to observe this rule may require the pool to be closed for a complete refiltering as required by health regulations.

g. The pool manager may, for safety or disciplinary reasons, rescind any child’s privilege to swim when not accompanied by an adult. Such action will be valid for a period not to exceed 3 days unless extended by the Board of Directors. This applies to all children under the age of 18.


a. All persons using the pool are requested to take a soap shower prior to entering the water.

b. Admission shall be refused any person having an infection, disease, sore, or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, or any communicable disease. Further, persons with excessive sunburn, open sores, poison ivy, or bandages of any kind will not be admitted to the pool. Band-aids are not allowed on persons entering the water.

c. Spitting, spouting of water, or blowing your nose in the pool is strictly prohibited.

d. Patrons who have had diarrhea in the past 2 weeks are not allowed in the pool.

e. Report any vomiting or bowel movement accidents on the pool deck, bathrooms, or pools to the manager-on-duty.

f. KRSC is a smoke-free pool. Smoking on KRSC property, including the parking lot and driveway, is prohibited.

g. All injuries which occur on the Swim Club property must be immediately reported to the pool manager.

h. KRSC will abide by the Fairfax County and State of Virginia Health Code Standards for water facilities. The pool may be closed for operational or mechanical difficulties affecting pool water quality, or following any incident of feces or vomit in the pool water.

I. The pool and deck area will close during severe weather conditions and/or warnings, especially when visibility to the pool bottom is limited. After thunder or lightning, the pool and deck area will be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes.

m. The pool manager will maintain a 1:25 ratio of guards to members on the premises, however parents are encouraged to be mindful of their children in and around the pool.

n. To prevent excessive fatigue and/or chilling, lifeguards will conduct 15 minute rest breaks each hour at 45 minutes past the hour. Swimmers younger than 16 years of age are required to leave the pool water. Members 16 and over may remain in the water during break.


  • a. Walk at all times while in the pool area, and follow all directions given by the lifeguard staff. Running, pushing, wrestling, dunking, or causing any disturbance in or around the pool area is prohibited. Extended breath-holding and other hypoxic workouts are not permitted.
  • b. No diving in the shallow end or in any area marked “No Diving.”
  • c. No horseplay in or around the pool.
  • d. Swimmers must stay off lap lanes, safety lines, lifeguard stands. No playing on ladders, railings, or with rescue equipment.
  • e. One pool lane will be reserved for lap swimming at all times. If there are no lap swimmers, the entire pool may be used for general swim, however, the lap lane line will remain in place.
  • f. No playing catch over the pool. Long distance shots toward the basketball hoop are not allowed. Free throws to the hoop must be made from within the pool water at a reasonably close distance to avoid hitting patrons in lounge chairs.
  • g. The pool manager has the sole discretion on the use of aquatic toys, balls, or other equipment in the pool especially when the pool is too crowded to permit safe use.
  • h. Rafts and other floatation devices are allowed only during Raft Night and during the break period when adults are in the pool. The use of other pool toys may be restricted at the discretion of the pool manager.
  • i. Chewing gum is prohibited in the pool area at all times.
  • j. Abusive, offensive, or profane language is prohibited.
  • k. Food and drink is permitted only in the picnic area behind the yellow line, at the tables in the wading pool, and on the upper deck patio. Members may consume alcohol on the Swim Club premises. The Board of Directors reserve the right to limit/restrict this privilege as necessary, and local authorities will be notified, if needed, to enforce this policy. Glass containers of any type are prohibited, except on the upper patio.
  • l. All refuse and recyclables will be placed in the proper containers surrounding the pool area.
  • m. No animal shall be permitted within any water recreation facility. This shall not apply to support animals that provide assistance to the physically challenged. Support animals that provide such assistance shall not enter the pool water.
  • n. In consideration of others, amplified music or radios with external speakers are not allowed. Lifeguards are authorized by the Board of Directors to play approved music lists during regular operating hours.
  • o. All members and guests must wear appropriate bathing attire. To maintain a safe and family environment, revealing or see-through bathing suits, thongs, cut-off jeans, and clothing generally considered offensive will not be permitted.
  • p. Bicycles must be parked in the rack in front of the main doors. For security, it is suggested that bikes be locked to the rack. No wheeled vehicles are allowed within the pool enclosure except strollers, wheelchairs, and other handicap devices.
  • q. Camera phones and other recording devices are expressly forbidden in the bathhouse. Documenting events and activities around the pool shall not infringe on the right to privacy of others.
  • r. No one is allowed in or around the mechanical room, pump shed, or chlorine sheds except authorized pool staff. Only guards on duty and authorized pool staff are allowed behind the desk in the guard house.
  • s. KRSC will not be responsible for loss or damage of personal property. Keep a close watch on personal items and report any suspicious behavior. All lost and found articles will be turned in at the guard house and held for 10 days, after which the items will be donated to charity or disposed of.
  • t. The Board of Directors may authorized the closing of the pool for Club-sponsored special events and membership functions. Closing notices for swim meets can be found online in the Calendar section of the website.
  • u. KRSC staff are responsible for the safe and orderly operation of the pool. They have complete authority to eject anyone at any time from the pool enclosure, and to direct that person to vacate the pool property for the remainder of the day. Such action will be reported to the pool manager and the Board of Directors. Serious or repeated infractions of the rules and regulations may result in suspension or termination of facility privileges.
  • v. Members with comments or complaints regarding the operation of the pool should contact the Pool Manager and the KRSC President. Names and phone numbers are posted at the pool and on the website.


a. Novice swimmers must pass a swim test before being allowed access to the dive well, the diving board, and/or the slide.

b. Only one person is permitted on the board or ladder at any time.

c. All divers must use the ladder to mount the diving board.

d. No objects may be taken on the board or thrown across the pool to be caught by the diver.

e. Horseplay, running, or taking more than one bounce on the diving board is prohibited.

f. Divers must execute dives off the end of the board, jumping or diving straight forward off the board and not toward the wall.

g. When a diver surfaces, he must swim immediately to the ladder and exit the pool. The next diver may not leave the board until the previous diver has reached the ladder.

h. Swimming and diving from the edges of the diving well is not permitted unless the diving well is deemed “closed” by the lifeguards.

i. Only one person is allowed on the slide at any time. Swimmers must go down the slide feet first, and must not intentionally stop after entering the slide tube. Upon exiting the tube, swimmers must immediately exit the diving well via the nearest ladder. No one shall slide until the area is clear below the slide.


a. All children using the wading pool MUST be accompanied and closely monitored by a responsible supervisor who is within the wading pool fence and is within arm’s reach at all times.

b. The wading pool is for children under 6 years old.

c. All diaper changing must be performed in the changing facility provided in the bathroom.


a. The speed limit on the premises (driveway and parking area) is 5 mph.

b. Driving on the sidewalk or grass to avoid the speed hump is expressly forbidden.

c. Parking along the driveway in the yellow fire lane is prohibited.

d. A DMV permit is required for parking in the handicapped spot.

e. Maintenance of vehicles and overnight parking in the Club parking area is prohibited.

f. Bicycle riding, skate boarding, using scooters or roller blades in the parking area is prohibited.


a. All parties, including those with only KRSC pool members, held at Kings Ridge must be scheduled with the party coordinator and the pool manager.

b. Parties will be scheduled in two-hour increments.

c. All party fees must be paid at the conclusion of the event, using a fee schedule determined by the Board and based on the number of members and guests entering the pool area.

d. Party hosts are responsible for clean-up and removal of trash. If used, grills must be left clean.

e. Parties must be cleaned up ½ hour prior to pool closing.


a. No flipping rafts or swimming under rafts.

b. Do not allow rafts to be overloaded.

c. No rafts in the lap lane or the diving well.

d. No jumping from side of pool onto rafts.

e. At the start of raft night, and before the end of each break, an announcement of the raft night rules will be made.

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