Officials Training

Swim Parents,

If you’ve ever wondered how many volunteers it takes to make a swim meet happen, wonder no longer because the answer is 40-50!!  
Kings Ridge relies on you to have a swim season! Most volunteer positions just require your time on deck; you get to watch your swimmer up close and personal.  However, there are some volunteer positions that require training from the league.  Those positions are Referee, Starter and Stroke & Turn.  Every other position has a lot of OJT (Marshall, Timer, Runner, Tables, Clerk of Course, Announcer, Pool Set up/Breakdown).

Officials Training is offered over the next couple of weeks and we would love it if we could get more of y’all trained.  As some of you know, this is the last year for a lot of our more seasoned volunteers and we will need to fill these roles, hopefully this summer with new parents shadowing and learning, but definitely for 2024 when we will be in dire need of trained volunteers.

Please look at the upcoming training schedule: https://waterwizards.swimtopia.com/coaches-slash-officials-clinics

Thanks for reading this email.  If you have questions or want more information, please reach out to the Team Reps.  

Kris & Stacy

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