Spirit Wear and Caps with Names orders



We know it's early to talk swim team spirit wear, but to get our caps and merchandise before the first meet, we need to start thinking ahead.

IF you would like a Kings Ridge swim cap with your last name on it, your order must be in by May 18!!  Production for these takes 4-6 weeks!!

The deadline for spirit wear items is Thursday, June 3.

You can buy the team suit at Suit Up Water Sports in University Mall.  You can try the suit on there, so please do so.  

Do not order the suit in spirit wear store, because you won't get the suit until all the spirit wear orders are complete.  Please go to Suit Up to get your swimmers suit.

Once the spirit wear store is closed, no additional orders will be added.

We have team caps, without names, for purchase from the Team Reps.  We usually have these at practices.

To sum up:

Caps with Names - order before May 18

Spirit Wear - order before June 2

Team Suit - go to Suit Up to purchase.  This can be done at any time.

Completed spirit wear orders - They will be completed by the first swim meet and available for pick up at practice.   You will be notified when completed.


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