KRSC Newsletter Week of July 3rd - 10th 2019

Dear Kings Ridge Parents and Swimmers,

We entered one of the busiest weeks of the season with a challenging meet against Springboard with a final score of Springboard 264 - Kings Ridge 155. While the season has been full of tough meets for our swimmers, we love seeing them cheer, improve, and compete!

To help the team progress forward on Saturday, swimmers Katie Charbonneau (50 Free, 50 Fly) and Garrison Cade (50 Back, 50 Fly) had big swims to win both of their individual events! Other swimmers who had amazing individual event wins include Aidan Glenn (50 Free), Morgan Little (25 Back), Aj Charbonneau (50 Back), Walker Clark (50 Back), Haley Novotny (50 Breast), Trenton Clark (50 Breast), Emily Davis (50 Breast), TJ Sheipe (25 Fly), Ginny Butler (25 Fly), and Brandon Henry (50 Fly).

Against Springboard our swimmers posted 31 time improvements in individual races! Swimmers who had large time drops include Nick Belmonti improving 3.15 seconds in 50 Breast, Ryan Belmonti dropping 8.01 seconds in 25 Breast, Katie McCormick improving 3.21 seconds in 50 Free, and Matt Nguyen dropping 3.02 seconds in 50 Breast.

In an exciting 11 - 12 Boys 50 Back race Water Wizard Garrison Cade (34.77) and Springboard Barracuda Alex Staples (34.97) both set team records! Congratulations Garrison and Alex!!!

Pictured: Garrison Cade

We swam Sideburn Run at home this past Monday night, with 71 time improvements! Notable personal bests include Ryan Belmonti dropping 13.77 seconds in 25 Back, Joel Bindewald improving 24.68 seconds in 50 Back, Caleb Burley dropping 5.22 seconds in 25 Fly, Aj Charbonnaeu improving 4.21 seconds in 50 Breast, Emma Christensen improving 14.16 seconds in 25 Free and 18.26 seconds in 25 Back, Emma Fleck dropping 4.50 seconds in 100 IM, Katie Jones improving 5.46 seconds in 25 Back, Gabbie Lunsford dropping 4.20 seconds in 25 Free, Sophia Lunsford improving 6.18 seconds in 50 Free, Ellie Sheipe dropping 13.11 seconds in 25 Free, and Ciannae Yaee dropping 4.66 seconds in 50 Fly.

This past Wednesday night our swimmers competed in the Divisional Relay Carnival! Overall, we finished in third place with 174 points edging out Truro by two points and Springboard claimed victory with 194 points in Division 12. Our swimmers won 7 of 22 races including 11-12 Boys 100 Free Relay (Garrison Cade, Liam Delap, Dominic Stockard, John Laun), 13-14 Girls 200 Free Relay (Cole Bondanella, Allie Charbonneau, Haley Novotny, Annie Custis), 15-18 Girls 200 Free Relay (Katie Charbonneau, Serena Corley, Kate Dolfis, Emily Davis), 15-18 Boys 200 Free Relay (Brandon Henry, Liam Glenn, Walker Clark, Trenton Clark), 13-14 Girls 200 Medley Relay (Allie Charbonneau, Haley Novotny, Cole Bondanella, Annie Custis), 15-18 Girls 200 Medley Relay (Grace Bondanella, Emily Davis, Katie Charbonneau, Serena Corley), and 15-18 Boys 200 Medley Relay (Walker Clark, Trenton Clark, Brandon Henry, Liam Glenn). Second place finishes include the 11-12 Boys 100 Medley Relay (Cole Throckmorton, Liam Delap, Garrison Cade, John Laun), 8 and Under Girls Free Relay (MacKenzie Achatz, Emily Close, Ginny Butler, Morgan Little) and the Boys 200 Free Mixed Age Relay (Garrison Cade, Chris Jones, Aidan Glenn, Brandon Henry). The 8 and Under Girls Medley Relay (Morgan Little, Katie Jones, Ginny Butler, Emily Close) took third.

The 13-14 Girls 200 Medley Relay (Allie Charbonneau, Haley Novotny, Cole Bondanella, Annie Custis) smashed the previous Kings Ridge record of 2:24.45 set in 2006 by more than 5 seconds swimming a time of 2:19.34. Congratulations Allie, Haley, Cole, and Annie!!!

Pictured: Allie Charbonneau, Haley Novotny, Annie Custis, and Cole Bondanella

To end the night the coaches swam (and won) the 100 Freestyle coaches relay claiming the coveted candy bouquet! We’ll be sharing our winnings Tuesday at practice!

Pictured: Coach Brandon, Coach Cole, Coach Emily, and Coach Diana

This week our Wizards of the Week are Aj Charbonneau, Katie McCormick, Holden Riley, and Emma Christensen! We chose Aj Charbonneau because he is a leader at practice and always one of the first swimmers in the water each morning and his dedication shows as he continues to improve across all four of his races. We chose Katie McCormick because she has worked throughout the season to master her freestyle flip turn and breaststroke kick and her dedication to working on these and additional seasonal goals. We chose Holden Riley for his effort on his butterfly (He scored for the Water Wizards against Rolling Hills and Springboard in 25 Fly), and his dedication to improving his attitude during practice. We chose Emma Christensen for her time improvements in free and back as she dropped more than 32 seconds across her races.

Pictured: Aj Charbonneau

Pictured: Katie McCormick

Pictured: Holden Riley

Pictured: Emma Christensen

Finally, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our meet officials, table workers and parent volunteers! None of these meets would go on without volunteers and you are the reason our swimmers have an opportunity to race competitively!

So far we have a total of 365 time improvements this season! Go Water Wizards!


Coach Diana, Coach Emily, Coach Brandon, and Coach Cole

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