KRSC June 10th - 14th 2019 Newsletter

Dear Kings Ridge Parents and Swimmers,

And we’re off! This past Saturday we had a chilly start to our 2019 summer meets with Time Trials!

Now that we are quickly entering the competitive phase of our season, we thought it would be nice to recap the week and provide some information concerning our Wizard of the Week, Tuesday Game Days, time improvement ribbons, and coaching opportunities for younger swimmers. Additional coaches newsletters will be sent each week after we have a chance to review results from our A and B Meets. This newsletter will be longer than future letters, but is full of important beginning of the season information!

First off, we want to highlight some of the individual and team accomplishments from Time Trials. We had 90 swimmers participate on Saturday morning, with plenty of new and improved times. While time improvement ribbons are only given to swimmers for improvements during the season at A and B Meets (starting next week), we had returning swimmers post 99 best times, way to go! This meet would not have been possible without the hard work of our parent volunteers, officials, and table workers, whose hard work and willingness to volunteer is the reason meets are run so well!

Next, we’d like to share a few things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Briefly mentioned earlier, time improvement ribbons will be given to swimmers who drop time in individual races during A or B Meets. These are separate from place ribbons given at meets and are a helpful way for us to congratulate swimmers who are dropping time in their races. These ribbons along with any others will usually be distributed during Tuesday practices by us, as it is very important to dedicate time to recognizing swimmers for their personal accomplishments and hard work! If your swimmer is not present to collect their ribbons, they will be in swim team mailbox located in the guard house.

Starting next week, each Tuesday practice will be Game Day. We will use Tuesday to work on starts, finishes, relays, stroke technique, hold a team meeting to cover areas of improvement, hand out ribbons, and announce our Wizards of the Week. After this, the swimmers use the remaining time to play games and strengthen team bonds!

Our Wizards of the Week (usually two-three swimmers each week) are recognized for their attendance, leadership, improvement, achievement, effort, sportsmanship, and team spirit! They will be announced during team meetings on Tuesdays, given a special cap for all their hard work, and have their photo taken for the weekly newsletter!

Despite all the activities taking place during Tuesday practices, we saved some of the fun for Wednesdays! Starting this week, we will be hosting team breakfasts after each practice, with volunteering opportunities available through our signup calendar on Swimtopia. This Wednesday, the breakfast will be doughnuts and juice! Future breakfasts will alternate between cereal, bagels, or more doughnuts!

As we prepare for the competitive phase of the season to begin, we’d like every swimmer to complete a goal sheet. This is a helpful way for swimmers to set clear goals along with ways to reach them, making progress throughout the season easier to see! Some swimmers completed their goal sheets on Friday at the team potluck but we will have more for those who were unable to attend on Wednesday morning during breakfast on the back patio.

As A Meets begin, so do the B Meets on the following Monday nights! This is a great opportunity for swimmers to try different strokes, as those who placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in an A Meet event are ineligible to swim that same event on Monday. We also like to have different themes for B Meets, starting with a black and gold out at next week’s meet! Themes for future B Meets will be included in future newsletters so stay on the lookout, it’s great to see the entire team participate!

This year our team has grown from approximately 100 swimmers (including mini-wizards) to almost 130 swimmers. To help better serve all of our swimmers, Coaches Cole Bondanella, Serena Corley, and Walker Clark will be working with Coach Diana, Coach Emily, and Coach Brandon during the 9 - 12 Practice, with Coach Cole also working with the 8 and Unders on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For younger swimmers who are interested in getting involved with coaching during the 8 and Under practice, a training meeting will be held this Friday from 11:00 - 11:30 am. Swimmers must be 11 (but can be in the 9-10 age group for swim season) and should be ready on deck by 11 am for the meeting. This is mandatory for all new and returning volunteers, if you cannot attend but want to volunteer talk to Coach Diana or Coach Emily.

Additional private lessons can be arranged between coaches and individual swimmers after practice hours. These are separately coordinated and can be scheduled for a time that is best fit for both the coach and swimmer. Coaches available for private lessons include Emily Davis ([email protected]), Brandon Henry ([email protected]), Walker Clark ([email protected]), and Serena Corely ([email protected]), all with a set rate of $15 per 30-minute lesson. Each coach has extensive knowledge and experience regarding competitive swimming, stroke technique, starts, turns, and finishes. Coach Diana may also be available later in the season for private lessons. General questions can also be directed towards the Team Reps.

Also, don’t forget to upload photos of our amazing swimmers at upcoming meets and team activities to the Kings Ridge Water Wizards Share Site through Shutterfly if you have any! We look forward to sharing more of these fantastic accomplishments as the season progresses!

Go Water Wizards!


Coach Diana, Coach Emily, Coach Brandon, and Coach Cole

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